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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

11 months and 6 days

Once again I am overdue in writing your update... Sorry. Although I am very excited to announce that we are less than a month away from your birthday. Like I always say it's hard to believe that you are growing into a little person and becoming less of a baby baby.

What have you been up to this month?

- Number 1 on the list has to be walking! You are all over the place and I mean ALL OVER THE PLACE! It's so cute to see your little wobble butt run around the house. You started walking at 10 months and I am so impressed by how far you have come since than.

-Your new favorite toy is your Alphabet train that you got for Christmas. You can sit and play with that train for almost 20 minutes straight! Yes 20 minutes is a long time in baby world.

-You can say mama, dada, baby, whoa and yeah!

-Yes I do let you watch TV. Favorite TV shows are Sesame Street, Calliou and anything that PBS has on.

-You love to hide underneath everything. Your favorite places to go are under the kitchen table and chairs and under the jumper.

-Nose picker! You love to stick your tiny little finger up your nose.

-You like to throw all of your toys over your baby gate. Our kitchen is full of blocks, balls and bottles!

-We are starting you on whole milk and my goal is to have you off of formula by February! That is going to be such a money saver for us!

-You are climbing everything! You are such a little boy, it's amazing to see how fearless you are becoming!

In 3 weeks you will be a year old! I love you and I can't wait for all the amazing things that are to come this new year with you!