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Saturday, June 30, 2012

17 months

17 months already! I have been looking back at all the postings that I have done every month and I am so thankful that I documented every wonderful thing that you have done. It is so hard to remember when and where you started doing some of the crazy, fun and amazing new things that you learn everyday.

What have you been up to this month.

- Talking! You can say so many new words now, it is crazy. Your favorite is Apple. Cat will have to be number 2 on the list. You can also say Cow, Mama, Dada, hi, hey, one, toes, uh oh, whoa, ouch, bye, no, Caillou, all done but it sounds more like "alt an" and baby. You also say " a butter" which is short for Butterfly. There are more but those are the ones that are standing out right now.

- You can sign like a pro now. Good, all done, more and food are your most commonly used signs. We are working on Toilet, Mama and Dada at the moment.

-You know your body parts as well. You can point out your eyes, ears and toes so far.

- Speaking of toilet, you are already using the potty like a big boy. I am soo thrilled and proud by how well you are catching on. I have no set goal as to when I hope to have you totally potty trained though.

- You are starting to fall asleep on your own now. You no longer need me to sway you anymore... Where has my little baby gone?

- I think what is most exciting to me is that you are able to come up to me and sign "food" when you are hungry. The fact that you can now REALLY communicate with me like a big boy is soo amazing. I no longer have to guess what you want or need because you can tell me yourself now.

I am a little late on this update. Just three weeks from now you will be 18 months old. Like I said  before, where has my little baby gone!

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